Spirit Animals Pounce the Runway

December 5, 2009 at 8:04pm

Photo by Sean Franzen

My mind is mush, but I am pushing through the goo to recollect the images and impressions from last night’s fashion show.
This was the first time working with the fashion collective, Faction, where I presented my own “garments” as my lady friends call clothes. Yes, at the last show I did construct magical ponies that each girl pranced through the audience in, but as for sewing clothes, I had lacked the inclination.
That was until I was sitting in the Harbin Hotsprings three short weeks ago and it hit me…Spirit Animal hot pants to spiritually protect and accentuate your ass in the city. That is what you start thinking about when you have been working up North for a while and you have been picking mushrooms and going on shamanic journeys in your off time. So, I got back to the city and with the help of my friends, I got to work. I made deer pants with antlers growing out between my thighs and coming up to cradle my ovaries. The deer pants have a white lace ruffle on the butt to reference that soft white fur that grows in the correlating area of the animal. Inspired by one of my bf’s, megan’s, dream, I made snowy white owl pants with a cute, little, cashmere owl face appliqued in the same ovarial region. There were snake pants that had a snake’s tongue slithering out in just the right spot. Peacocks, wolves, and moths.
The fashion show was held at this trendy salon in the lower haight, Edo, on the night of a well attended art walk. The fine folk that work there graciously offered up there talents to the project by doing hair, make up and hosting. They cleared out the salon and assembled a decent catwalk with a dj station.
There were six designers in total: the notorious Ms. Angela Dix, the sultry warrior from beyond Nikole Lent, the prolific powerhouse Rachel Znerold and I from Faction. And two other highly sophisticated and sexy designers named Crystal and Shaye. Forgive me for not knowing there last names as they are somewhat new collaborateurs of mine. We all modeled for eachother and had the help from a few other savy ladies, of them the raunchy yet refined Vivian Crockett and the haughty and haunting Kari Koller.
OK, so here is how the show went. Nikole’s designs went on first. Some of her designs are sweet and soft like cake decorations that look so good you put your finger into them before the cake is cut. I wore one of those pieces out on the runway where I turned my back to the audience and danced with myself in the mirror. Some of her garments are edgier clothes for bitches on bikes. Angela went out wearing one of the latter pieces and she started the show off right by strutting her stuff and squatting at the edge of the runway with her knees spread. Angela’s clothes were next on the runway. I imagine she got her inspiration for her collection by spending time in cabin’s in Marin surrounded by sexy, dramatic lesbians from the city, sipping champagne and breathing in sunsets. Then there was Crytal’s clothes; which were phenomenal and excellenty executed genderbending mermaid attire. Next, was Shaye who had us walk out with balloons. She made some conceptual effort to have us act like robots, but the suggestion bounced off of all our amped up bodies. Her designs were an office girl-bohemian hybrid. Then, I was up. My models wore maskes and I asked them to eminate their spirit animal any way that came out. The masks were referential at best and made of corresponding facbric to the pants. I wanted masks to enable the ladies to get their total freak on. I think it helped. There is something about wearing a mask that allows you to loosen the grip on the official mask that we put on everyday and pretend that that is our real selves. (is that drug talk, aubrey?) Kari tells me she fully let her she-wolf out of the closet in the wolf pants. Awwhhhoooo. Angela was the snowy white owl and she was ahead of me. We decided last minute to turn that shit into a duo on the runway. We met in the middle: her as the owl and I as the deer. She flew above me as I crawled on my hands and knees. We stopped to smell eachother in a frenzied, animalistic way. It was awesome. Rachel was the last designer to rock the stage, I mean, catwalk. That lady had ten models. Each one lovely in her crazy, reworked vintage pieces. Rachel is a painter by trade, so the gal has a real knack for color and texture. I was so amped after my spirit animal parade, that I got into one of her hottie dresses and decided, yep, I am going to crowd surf this motherfucker. I went out and made eye contact with my homie, Donato, and I said “I am about to stage dive, should I?” (thank you ggp). Donato graciously set down his beer on the floor and braced himself. He basically single-handedly caught me mid-air. I was about to hit the ground, but I had faith and I was resurrected. I rolled onto my back as the crowd carried me across the room. Pretty pleased about that, I must say.
So, the show was a hit. We didn’t sell a damn thing at the pre-show trunk show, but we did manage to turn some folks on. I am not talking about hard-ons here, people; although, one guy came up to me after the show and said if we had a week of lovemaking together we could make millions of babies. I am not sure how that computes, but what I am trying to say here is that we did our thing, shined our lights, and I think we inspired folks to walk their walk and wear what they want to wear. Maybe even make it themselves if they are feeling somewhat obsessive.
Fashions by Rachel Znerold
Feel free to view the video made by Hannah Cairns @



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