My Ten Year High School Reunion

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 2:37pm

They sent out an information packet for Cherry Creek’s 10 year high school reunion.  The last page was red and it said, “Whatever Happened to…?” and listed about 75 people.  My name was on that list.  So was my high school boyfriend, Ryan Reese and one of my best high school homies, Eli Maness.

I planned to remain in a state of ambiguity with the class of 2000.  Unless of course someone looked me up on Facebook.  I had no desire to go back to the Denver Tech Center area and find out who was doing what, who had how many kids, who was bald, fat, yadda yadda yadda.  And further more, the ticket to get in was $80 at the door.

Maybe if Madonna was playing, I’d consider it.

Then my BFFL/soul sister, Megan Vanzandt came home from traveling in Thailand for what seemed like an eternity and her dad had bought her two tickets. One was for her boyfriend, Jason.  Well, Jason gracefully bowed out when Miss Megan offered her second ticket to me.  Megan can pretty much talk me into doing anything and this was no exception.  Megan and Jason picked me up in Aspen the morning of our reunion and the three of us high tailed it back to the burbs.

En route, we called our favorite high school friend, Jessica Newman.  She lives in Denver and had decided not to go to the reunion.  Why?  I have no idea.  But Megan and I were not going to let her get away with it.  Megan left a message on her phone that went something like this: “Oh Jessie.  It’s Megan and Lula.  We are driving all the way from Aspen to go to our beloved class reunion and you absolutely must come.  It is your civic duty to come.  We voted for you to get into student senate and we don’t want our votes to be wasted.  If it is a matter of money, we’ll fund raise.  Jason is our chaperone tonight and he’ll pick you.  Don’t forget to call Courtney Zenner and make sure she is coming too!  We love you!  See you soon.”  That Megan is very persuasive.

Within an hour we hear back from Newman.  She was on board and so was Courtney.

Megan and I were elated.

My mom recommended that Megan and I look “chic”.  We got ready in Megan’s basement where she spent her high school years.  I put on a short, black dress with a French vintage label.  I got it at a thrift store in Basalt for $8.50.  I busted out a pair of pumps and I was feeling sassy and prepared.  Megan wore a slinky, black, backless jumpsuit.  Something J-Lo would envy.  She put on a pair of handmade, orange leather shoes that a hippie in Thailand was selling on the street and she looked at the same time bombshell and down to earth.  I don’t know how she does it.

Jason drove us over to Jessica’s house that is in a cool part of Denver.  We all shrieked with glee when the four of ladies reunited.  Courtney was already wearing a strapless black dress and looked hot as usual.  Jessica, on the other hand, needed some help getting ready.  We went into her room and told her to pull out her sexy black clothes because we all wanted to match, duh.  She resisted like she usually does and said she had no sexy black clothes.  “I am a teacher!  Well, actually I am an assistant principle,” she protested.  She is also an occasional liar because I immediately found a sexy, black vest in her closet.

“Put this on.”

“Lula!  This is not the Mission District of San Fransisco.  This is Cherry Creek High School’s reunion!”

She ended up wearing the vest just like I wanted with a pair of hot jeans.  She looked good.  She knew it.  We all did and we were ready to go.

The reunion was held in a restaurant called Cool River or something lame like that.  Megan and I had tickets, but Courtney and Jess did not.  No problem, because our chaperone Jason snuck them in through an outdoor entrance.  I was so proud of them.  I slapped on a name tag and went into the crowd.  The crowd, by the way, was small and somewhat dismal.  I think there were almost 1,000 people in our class and only about 150 showed up.  Probably because the tickets were so exorbitant.  I mean, who wants to spend 80 bucks for a reunion party that does not even include free booze, a dinner, a DJ…nothing?  It was bullshit.  I know some folks are single parents now or struggling artists, unemployed or still nursing the wounds from high school and having a ticket price of $80 does not send folks running out the door for their class reunion.

Another rant:  Tiffany Glucksman’s name was all over the information packet and emails as the volunteer coordinator for our class reunion.  But the girl was no where to be found.  The people who actually planned the reunion were a corporate group called Reunions Unlimited, that’s their biz.  It seemed to me that Tiffany was just the front man.

Other than the bitches at the door collecting money, people were pleasant.  I assumed that no one would recognize me, so I would point to my name tag and say, “Ally Fredeen, what up gurl?  It’s Lula Chapman.  Oh my god, you look so good.”  A lot of people commended me for being skinny.  That was strange, but some what appropriate.  It seemed like everyone in high school had an eating disorder.

I thought that the reunion would be full of dry, boring conversation.  The conversations stayed light in general, but the whole ordeal was surprisingly fun.  Some of us rehashed stupid shit we did in middle school like when someone, who will remain nameless, put sleeping pills in another girl’s slurpee during class.

People asked what I was doing, and luckily I had the glamorous Tiffany Goodyear by my side for a good part of the evening to explain my life for me.  “Lula is a performance artist based out of San Fran.”  Thanks, Tiff.  Even though I have been living in Aspen all summer waiting tables, Tiffany made it so I didn’t have to explain shit.  She was wearing a new dress that she said cost her the equivalent of 200 cupcakes.  That is her current biz, ‘Yours, Truly Cupcake’.  They are delish.

Honestly, I was pretty pounded at the reunion and I can not recall too many meaningful details.  I did get cut off at the bar at the end of the night because I was hitting too hard on the cocktail waitress.  But then after being a good girl for about 20 minutes, the bartender brought me a free lemon drop.  I sure have come a long way.

Viva class of 2000.  Please attach any of your own stories to this.  We got Will Gurley who really wished he could have come, but he is all the way in Copenhagen and we got to fill folks in.


One Response to My Ten Year High School Reunion

  1. Tiffany G. says:

    Hey Lulu,

    I am sorry for this being a year late, but I just saw your post! I did help to plan the reunion (with the company that normally does this sort of thing) and sadly, had a death in my family and had to fly to California at the last minute. I was sorry to miss the reunion and hope it was fun to see some old familiar faces! Hope you had a good time and that you are doing well!!


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