Prove You’re Not a Robot

“Prove You’re Not a Robot”

The Garage, SF.  Apr., 2010

A site specific, performance art, spectacle-breaker consisting of a series of 5 games/installations that led the audience deeper into the Garage theater and into our collective experience of intimacy.

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Excerpts from the program:

Preparations – Creative Symbiosis In preparation (and out of necessity), Sadie Lune and Lula Mae Day cohabitated for three weeks leading up to the performance.  We experimented with intimacy in pursuit of noble friendship using performance art as our container.  We balenced performances, exercises, rehearsals and romance.  Needless to say, accountability was crucial.  And luckily, we both had read the book “Non-Violent Communication”.

Bios (We wrote eachothers.)

Lula Mae Day is the sun of ebullience on  the path of the seeker.  That girl is CRAZY, but man, can she pass. She will jump on you when you have a full bladder in bed, but her creative talent and compassion are worth the wet sheets (she will also use your sex toys when you are out, but she will be honest about it after).  Lula has performed with La Pocha Nostra, fAction, Suki Tawdry and her collaborator/wifey, Sadie Lune.

Sadie Lune is a snake owner with a propensity for picking jasmine and kissing the bush thank you.  She is a queen and a ho; the combination making her an excellent communicator.  She enjoys foreign lovers, fancy teas and exposure.  As a performance artist, she is forever indebted to her loins.  Sadie has also made and performed work all over the states and Europe.


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