Biological Clock: A Spiritual Conception Piece.

It happened on APril 30th in the Michelle O’Connor gallery above Thrift Town on 17th and Mission.  Right across from our fave Mexican joint, La Oaxacena.

The installation was set a week in advance for the Becoming MILF show Madison Young did about being a new pornstar mom.  She served breast milkshakes at the opening.

There was an 8×8 ring of grass in the center.  Huge charts of Sadie’s ovulation cycle on the wall.  Pictures of her cervix.  Alters with tadpoles, speculums, eggs and sperm printed boxershorts.

The audience members RSVP’ed agead of time and received emails telling them to wear purple, green and/or silver.  Warning them of the explicit nature of the show and encouraging them to be sexual with them selves or their friends as long as they kept it consensual and the energy focused on the conception.

At 7, I rang the singing bowl.  The audience settled into their spots on the floor. The Handmade-Ins and the Vajra Fagini took our places around the grass circle.  The Handmade-ins were Sadie’s handpicked camp of nine people who were there to love her, fuck her and hold space.  We were kind of like bridesmaids.  Oberon had three Vajra Faginis.  Sadie was originally calling them Faery Fluffers, but they named themselves the Vajra Faginis.  Vajra refers to a ritual object or short metal weapon that has the symbolic nature of a diamond (it can cut any substance but not be cut itself) and that of the thunderbolt (irresistible force).  Fagini refers to their faginess.  They were all hot as hell Buddhist boys.  Ok, men.  And they were there to help Oberon bust a nut and be spiritual supports as well.

Rebecca, Sadie’s assistant throughout the project, stood at the center of the grass wearing nothing but pearls that went around her neck, through her pussy lips and up her ass.  She sang Big Time Sensuality by Bjork.  That is a big time ballsy song.  “It takes courage to enjoy it.”  She rocked it.  She was so bold and vulnerable draped in pearls and belting it out.  It was the perfect way to begin the ceremony.

Sadie and Oberon cast the circle by sprinkling broken eggshells mixed with magic Santaria dust around us and cleansing us with palo santo smoke.  There were crystals being passed around.  There was definite bit of woo involved.  But lets be serious for a moment, when you’re there, most of the time, you can’t help but get into the woo and love it.

There was a pregnant lady who was brought into the grass circle.  Sadie kissed her belly.  Each Vajra Fagini and Handmade-in place their hands on Sadie and pregnant lady to transmit the fertile juju.

Before the ritual began, the audience was encouraged to write down any thoughts or feelings they had on post its.  At this point in the ritual, Sadie shredded them and Oberon drowned them in a jar of sea water.



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